Fence Stain Wilmington NC

Jul 13, 2020

All Brite Pressure Washing & More

So you just invested thousands of dollars into this brand-new or relatively new fence to surround your property and it’s starting to lose its luster.  Clearly you’re frustrated because after investing that amount of money you were hoping the wood would (yes, pun intended) look new longer.  The best part is you can continue to have that “new wood” look for many years to come with a fence stain Wilmington NC with All Brite Pressure Washing & More. 

All Brite Pressure Washing & More Fence Stain Process

We take the time to do a free consultation for our customers to get a better understanding of your specific fence and desired look.  We’ll ask a variety of questions to learn more information about your fence to do the best job possible.  Some information that makes our job more effective is: the age of the fence, whether there was a previous stain applied, the square footage of the fence, and the type of stain you’re looking for (i.e. transparent, semi-transparent, semi-solid, solid, etc). 

One of the key steps that people often skip over is the prep work that needs to be done before you can begin staining the fence.  An All-Brite Pressure Washing & More team member will examine the fence for nails, screws, staples, or other materials that could prevent a smooth stain from being applied.  Whether it’s been 6 months or it’s never been cleaned, pressure washing the fence with a low PSI pressure washer will clean the dirt, grime, algae, mildew, and mold right off the fence.  This is VERY pivotal to the fence stain Wilmington NC process because in order for a stain to be appealing and to last for years, it needs to be applied directly to the fence, not the dirt and grime that cover the fence.

Now that the prep work is complete and the fence is dry, we begin the process of staining your fence.  The type of stains vary quite a bit, so we’ll detail those briefly just to give you an idea of your options: 

  • Transparent Stain – If you have a newer fence (less than 5 years old), this stain is ideal because it shows off the beautiful grain and texture of the wood while also protecting it from the elements.  If there is already a previous stain on your fence, this may not be an option.  
  • Semi-Transparent Stain – If your fence is within 5-10 years but is in pretty good shape, a semi-transparent stain may be the way to go.  This stain will show off the grain and texture while hiding some of the imperfections
  • Semi-Solid Stain – If your fence is on the back-end of a decade but still would benefit from showing off a bit of grain, this is probably your best option
  • Solid Stain – This is meant for an older fence that might have a few stains/coats already.  It will almost completely cover the grain and is typically used on fences 10+ years old.  

Our process is to evenly apply the stain using a pump-up sprayer from the top of the fence to the bottom.  After applying the first coat (with the grain of course), we will give it time to dry.  In some cases, the fence might need two coats so we will work within your schedule to come back and apply the second coat if necessary.  The final step is to enjoy looking at your beautifully stained fence!  

How to Learn More about Fence Staining

We really enjoy the end result of happy customers seeing their newly stained fence!  If you’re interested in learning more about fence stains, take a look at some relevant information from Olympic who is one of the premier stain companies around.  All-Brite Pressure Washing & More has 10+ years of fence stain experience throughout the greater Wilmington area including Carolina Beach, Hampstead, Leland, Wrightsville Beach, and other cities throughout New Hanover County, Brunswick County, and Pender County.  You can contact us here or give us a call at 910-398-2249 with any questions or to schedule a free consultation.