Pressure Washing

Make your home or business look it’s best all year long with a professional pressure washing. We’ll get rid of the grime, dirt and pollen and make everything shine again.

All-Brite Pressure Washing specializes in cleaning the exterior of your home or business.

We serve all of Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas including Leland, Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, and Kure Beach.

Whether the job is a small patio or cleaning an entire community, we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to handle any job. In addition to house washing, we can clean all kinds of outside surfaces including: decks, patios, roofs, pool decks, sidewalks, garage floors, and more.

Preparing your home for pressure washing

All-Brite Pressure Washing always takes great care to make sure your property isn’t damaged by our equipment or personnel. However, for safety purposes and to make the job a success, some preparation is required prior to our visit. Please see the information below to help with pressure washing preparation.

The Basics
  • Make sure that all windows and doors are tightly closed to prevent water from seeping in. Seepage of water into the building could cause interior water damage.
  • Remove all vehicles from the surrounding area of the building. If you have a vehicle that will need to be used immediately before or during the cleaning, we recommend it be removed before the cleaning starts.
  • Remove all items from the walkways or sidewalks if they are within 50 feet of the building. Planted pots, toys, furniture, etc., should be removed to a safe distance to prevent damage.
  • If you have items, such as plants, shrubs, bushes, etc., that you are concerned about being damaged, it is suggested that you put a cover over them. If there are movable objects such as plant pots that are too heavy to move, contact All-Brite Presure Washing about what you should do.
  • Children should not be in the work area at the time of setup or during the cleaning process.
  • If you need to leave the building during the cleaning process, let someone from All-Brite Pressure Washing know before exiting. For your safety, your eyes and clothing should be covered while the cleaning is in progress if you must exit during the cleaning process.
  • Insure that any security alarm systems are turned off during the cleaning process. Some alarm systems may be set off due to the water vibration or may be triggered by movement.
  • Avoid watering lawns, doing laundry, or showering while the cleaning process is ongoing.
  • Try to avoid planting new grass seed or plants until after the cleaning process has been completed.
  • If you use an exterminator, schedule them after the cleaning process has been completed. This is for your safety as well as avoiding washing away the products the exterminator has left on the building exterior.

CAUTION: If you recently had the exterminator place products in the building, call them to see when it will be safe to be in the building without air circulation since all windows and doors should be closed.

If you have any other questions or concerns about getting ready for our arrival, please give All-Brite Pressure Washing a call at (910) 398-2249‎ before your scheduled appointment and we’ll be happy to help.
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We had our driveway, patio and front porch pressure washed and the results were amazing! Looked like brand new! The staff was very nice and courteous and thorough. I highly recommend Mike and his team. We also had our hallway and living room painted by them prior and it looked just perfect. No mess, hassle free and definitely done by professionals. Thank you again for your wonderful work and fair pricing.
John and Ruth Mulligan