How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost?

Nov 26, 2020

“How much does pressure washing cost?” is one of the most common questions we receive from customers as they are considering purchasing pressure washing services. As with many services or goods, cost is a big factor when you’re looking to purchase something for your home. In this article, we’re going to take some time to outline key questions that go into pressure washing price such as:

  • What factors go into a pressure washing quote?
  • How All Brite Pressure Washing & More has invested in your customer experience
  • How All Brite can customize a quote based on YOUR needs
  • How to contact us for a customized quote

What Factors go into a Pressure Washing Quote?

As you can imagine there are plenty of variables that go into the cost of pressure washing your home, business, or commercial property. The difference in price between a 1,500 square foot home and a 6,000 square foot commercial property is substantial. Once we know the size of the property, we begin looking at other factors such as the type of surface of your home and the landscaping around your home among other things. Our pressure washing experience including the exterior of all sides including porches, but customers can tack on additional areas such as: driveways, walkways, roofs, gutter and drain cleaning, and other surfaces.  After understanding all of these factors, we can draw up a quote that works for you! 

How All Brite Pressure Washing & More has Invested in your Customer Experience

The protection of our customers and the reputation of our company are paramount to the future of All Brite Pressure Washing & More. Before we even drive up to your home, our company has invested in workers’ compensation as well as business liability insurance. We strive to provide the highest quality and safest pressure washing experience for our customers! Another way we’re able to offer the best but reasonably priced service is by investing in commercial equipment that allows us to wash your home, business, or commercial property at the highest level.  

After 10+ years of reinvesting back into our business, we own a state of the art fuel injected pressure washer with adjustable GPM (gallons per minute), 525-gallon water tank, and pressure jetter. This commercial pressure washer allows us to wash at any rate from 4 GPM all the way up to 11 GPM! Our 525-gallon water tank allows us to fill up in advance of jobs without a water source. The pressure washing  jetter gives us the capability to efficiently clean out residential drain and gutter systems as well as clogged drains underground. Our company remains committed to the best customer experience possible, while also remaining reasonably priced for homeowners and business owners.

How All Brite can customize a quote based on YOUR needs

We understand that every home we wash is not the same. Based on the size of your home, landscaping around your property, what direction the wind blows leaves, how long it’s been since your last pressure washing service, and what areas matter to you personally, every quote will be different. The exterior of the home is a clear area that we wash during every pressure washing visit, however customers can include different areas such as driveways, patios, pavers, gutters, and roofs, based on their needs. Deciding what areas are available to be pressure washed is something you can decide on your own or something an All Brite team member can walk you through. If you’re curious about how different areas can affect your pressure washing quote, you can always ask us for a quote or check out this great article from FreshBooks.  

How to Contact us for a Customized Quote

There are multiple ways you can reach All Brite Pressure Washing & More for your customized quote. One way is to connect with us on our Free Estimate page.  Feel free to leave specific information about what type of pressure washing services you would like for your property. You can also reach All Brite Pressure Washing & More by giving our office a call at 910-398-2249. We service areas throughout Southeastern North Carolina such as Wilmington, Hampstead, Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Kure Beach, Leland, Burgaw, and other cities throughout North Carolina.