Pressure Washing Pollen Wilmington NC

Apr 6, 2020

By: All-Brite Pressure Washing & More

It’s that time of the year, pollen season! Do not fear, All-Brite Pressure Washing & More is here and ready to pressure washing pollen Wilmington NC. In this article we’ll discuss the different types of pollen, what time of year they are prevalent, and how our company can alleviate the discoloration and allergies that pollen can cause.

Types of Pollen

There are many different types of pollen but the simplest way to categorize them is into three groups: tree, weed, and grass pollen.

Tree Pollen in Wilmington: Popular during the Spring months, you’ll typically see tree pollen in late March to Mid-May depending on the season. For instance, so far in 2020, Wilmington is seeing an early pollen season because of the mild winter we just had. Oak, Birch, Cedar, and Elm trees are among the most popular to cause allergy symptoms, but the most well known in Wilmington are pine trees for the wonderful yellow pollen that covers your car and home. Fortunately, we specialize in pressure washing pollen Wilmington NC to help clean your home and relieve your allergies!

Grass Pollen in Wilmington: From approximately May to July, people that are susceptible to allergies have to take their medication in order to avoid sneezing, itching, coughing and red and watering eyes caused by grass pollen. Grass pollen is the most common form of allergies, including hay fever, affecting tens of millions each year.

Weed Pollen in Wilmington: Various types of weeds release pollen from June-September. Dock weed, nettle, sorrel, and ragweed are often the culprits with other types in the mix as well. Sunny and windy weather often causes a spread in pollen allergies while rain and mild winds offer milder allergy symptoms.

How All-Brite Pressure Washing & More Can Help with Pollen!

As tree pollen coats your home, cars, and property, we’ve designed a service to help pressure washing pollen Wilmington NC. We’ll come to your house before pollen season or during pollen season to give your home and property a thorough pressure washing Wilmington NC to clean off the dirt and mud from the Fall and Winter months. Following pollen season, we’ll come back to rinse off porches and other affected areas for a small fee. If you’re interested in pressure washing that pesky pollen away, contact All-Brite Pressure Washing & More or call us at 910-398-2249.