Why Should I Hire a Professional Wilmington Pressure Washing Company?

Feb 7, 2022

Unlike services related to general contractors, plumbers, dentists or other careers that require certifications or an advanced degree, pressure washing is not a field that is neccesary. That being said, being a successful pressure washing company does require many, many hours to master and perfect your craft. While any homeowner or business owner can go out and purchase a pressure washer, there is something that sets apart professional pressure washing companies like All Brite Pressure Washing & More. We’ll discuss the multiple reasons why hiring a professional company versus doing it yourself makes sense. 

Why Hiring a Pressure Washing Company is Worth It

Quality of Work- We ask that when comparing pressure washing your home by yourself versus having a professional clean the property, consider the difference between the quality of work. Homeowners typically purchase a 1500-2500 PSI pressure washer and some detergent from their local home improvement store. While this can certainly clean much of the dirt, mold, mud, algae, and various other stains found on a home, it doesn’t compare to a pressure washing company. Our company brings a 525-gallon water tank, commercial pressure washing equipment, commercial grade detergent, and 10 years of experience to your home. With all these tools, both physical and mental, we have the ability to not only pressure wash almost every square inch of your home (no matter how many stories) but have a longer lasting clean. 

Paying for Equipment vs. Paying for Service- If you do not have a pressure washer, you’re probably comparing the investment of buying a pressure washer and doing it yourself versus paying a company annually to do it for you. While buying a pressure washer that can be used for multiple years in theory is the cheaper option, the time invested and only using it maybe once per year has to be factored in. Considering the reasonable fee our team chargers to pressure wash your home, it’s worth the investment! 

Valuing Your Time- The time invested in pressure washing your home could be spent doing other things with family and friends. By the time you buy the pressure washer, learn how to use it, set it up, hook up the water, spray detergent, lug the pressure washer around every corner of the house, pull out a ladder, and eventually get the whole house washed, you have spent half or most of the day. For the All Brite Pressure Washing & More team, we can pressure wash your entire home in a matter of a few hours while you enjoy your morning or afternoon!

How to Contact All Brite Pressure Washing & More for a Quote

If you are considering pressure washing your home on your own, contact us for a quote just to compare the price of new pressure washing equipment versus the convenience of our team coming out and doing it for you. As you weight pros and cons, check out this compare and contrast article by Home Advisor to make your decision easier. If you would like to get a quote, please call our office at 910-398-2249 or through our website by clicking this link