FlowPro Pressure Washing Tool Saves Time

Sep 6, 2022

As a busy company that pressure washes hundreds of homes and businesses every year, our All Brite Pressure Washing & More Team is always looking for any and every edge to save time. We recently did a review of FlowPro’s Pressure Washing Tool and were very impressed by what we found. Our owner, Mike LaBruno, and his pressure washing team decided to do a video to explain how the system works and the benefits of the system from an application perspective. Feel free to follow along while reading this blog with the corresponding video on our Youtube channel. If this is the first video or blog that you’ve watched from All Brite, we’re a pressure washing company based out of Wilmington, NC that serves much of Southeastern North Carolina.

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FlowPro Tool Tour

Owner, Mike LaBruno, walks through the installation, features, and details of the FlowPro Pressure Washing Tool. Mike begins by describing that the FlowPro Pressure Washing Tool allows the team to turn on and off the chemical injector. The installation of this tool took about 15 minutes to set-up and attach to the trailer and commercial pressure washer battery. This tool saves a bunch of time on a daily basis as you don’t have to walk back and forth to the trailer to switch from water to chemical detergent.  

The next part is extremely exciting. Mike is 210’ feet from his trailer but is able to mix the chemicals with the push of a button! With the FlowPro remote that comes with this tool, it allows the user to begin mixing chemicals and spray directly from the pressure washing wand by pressing ‘MIX’ on the remote. In this case, the chemical detergent is sprayed onto the fence and the All Brite Pressure Washing & More Team will wait a couple of minutes to begin pressure washing with water. 

Mike then presses the “RINSE” button and this will engage the remote bypass as you will see LED lights begin to flicker. This is to indicate that the remote bypass is switching from chemicals to water only. Mike and his team then crank up the throttle a little bit to increase the GPM (gallons per minute) when pressure washing. Overall, Mike and his team at All Brite have been very impressed with FlowPro’s Pressure Washing Tool and recommend it to commercial or residential pressure washing companies as it saves time, increases efficiency, and seems to be reliable. 

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If this blog or Youtube video creates questions about the FlowPro Pressure Washing Tool, you can visit their website directly here. If you would like to receive a quote from an All Brite Pressure Washing & More Team Member for your home or business, you can contact us directly at our office number 910-398-2249 or through our website via this link. For additional videos by Mike and his staff at All Brite Pressure Washing & More, please like and subscribe at our Youtube Channel.