Tour Our Custom 16-Foot Pressure Washing Trailer

Jun 21, 2022

As you read through this blog, check out our Youtube video for a visual representation of the tour. This blog will focus on the different parts of our trailer so you’ll get in-depth explanation of each piece of equipment in the All-Brite pressure washing set-up. If you’re unfamiliar with our company, All-Brite Pressure Washing & More is a pressure washing company that has been pressure washing homes and businesses in the Wilmington, NC area for the past 13 years. We cover many parts of Southeastern North Carolina, specifically within New Hanover County, Brunswick County, and Pender County

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All-Brite Pressure Washing Trailer Set-up

After the introduction, owner Mike LaBruno begins the tour of one of AllBrite’s pressure washing set ups.  This trailer houses 3-Honda IGX Engines. These 24.9 horsepower beasts deliver enough power for commercial pressure washer use, and certainly command enough power for residential use. Since these engines are fuel injected, it allows our team to control the GPM (Gallons Per Minute). Next up, Mike features the 32, 24, and 8-foot ladders. Having ladders this size allows our pressure washing team to reach every square inch of the home, no matter the height. 

Next up, is the largest part piece of equipment on the trailer. The 525-gallon water tank! This water tank allows us to haul water if needed and keep up with machines. That way if we’re going to a job without running water, we can make sure to be prepared in advance. Following the water tank is the commercial grade detergents our team uses throughout our cleaning. This is such an underrated part of what allows us to deliver an excellent cleaning experience with the  ability to break down dirt, grime, algae, rust, mold, and other stains with the use of high pressure. Mike also points out the aluminum tray at the bottom of the trailer which is important to us as we strive to contain any detergent that may spill out as our company focuses on being an eco-friendly company. 

Moving to the top of the trailer are our hose reels. These hose reels allow you to store hundreds of feet of hose. This saves a bunch of time on a daily basis. Other hoses that we utilize are to our soft wash set-up and another hose connected to our water tank to be able to collect water. Another piece of equipment that is extremely helpful is our 20’ surface cleaner. Surface cleaners allow us to clean concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, and pool decks efficiently. Much like a floor buffer acts on floors, we use a similar motion except outside with pressure and water for cleaning purposes.

One of the last details Mike describes is the tool box that is attached to the front-end of the trailer. Having a tool box frees up trailer space as we can house brushes, brush heads, drum key, window squeegees, ratchet straps, and other important tools. This trailer is just one of the 3 different trailers that our All-Brite Pressure Washing & More team uses. 

How To Contact All Brite Pressure Washing & More

All Brite Pressure Washing & More continually invests back into our business to provide the best possible service for our customers. If you would like to receive a quote from our pressure washing team to enjoy the benefits of our commercial grade pressure washing equipment, you can reach our office by phone at 910-398-2249 or contact us via this link on our website